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Refund / Delivery policy

After purchase, the Buyer receives a link that displays the product and uses it; the Buyer will be provided with the key no later than 72h after purchase.

In some cases we can send the products by email linked to the buyer account with prior communication with the buyer.

All gamecards / codes ./ products that failed to be displayed are subject to refund or replacement within the 14 days support period.

The support period starts immediately after product delivery to the buyer ( by link or buyer's email).

All displayed gamecards / codes / products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, but refund or exchange may be provided in case of proven problem with the product (we investigation each case with the publisher / service, e.g. PlayStation Network).
If the purchase term of the product exceeds 14 days support period, such product is non-refundable and non exchangeable, and we are not obliged to investigate any issues with the product, but still may do so without any obligations from our side.
We will issue a refund under the following circumstances: 

The item you purchased is out of stock. Upon your request, we will issue a refund immediately.

Sometimes, we need your assistance in verifying payment information. If you refuse or do not respond to our request within 5 days, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued immediately.

If your payment is less than the price listed on our website, you will be given an opportunity to accomplish a full payment. If you refuse or do not respond to our request within 5 days, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued immediately.

Refunds will not be issued by reasons, as follows:


You find a lower price on another website.

You request a refund because you changed your mind and do not want to have the product after it has been already ordered.

For any other reason that is not specified in the section “We will issue a refund under the following circumstances” indicated above.

Since we make a refund in accordance with your payment method provider, it may take 1-3 working days while the bank system processes the refund. Please, keep waiting with patience.

The Buyer will be notified of the refund by email linked to the Buyer's account.

All transaction fees associated with the refund are non-refundable.

We issue refunds only in accordance with the payment channel that was used for purchase or in accordance with the Buyer's bank account / PayPal account.

We guarantee the delivery during 72h after the payment completion, if the payment or the Buyer should be verified.

For verified users with clear payment process, we deliver the purchased product during 24h, 7 days a week. In case of any delays, you can contact us by email support@difmark.com. The Buyer may request a refund, if we do not deliver the product during 72h.