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Kaufen Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

  • Release date: 6 Jun 2005
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games ¬∑ Capcom ¬∑ Soft Club
  • Developer: Rockstar North ¬∑ War Drum Studios

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A spectacular adventure video game will make a great impression on you. Embark on heroic deeds with charismatic heroes and enjoy dynamic gameplay. So, a couple of years ago, Karl was forced to flee the city of crime, the realm of drugs and corruption - Los Santos. Here, even movie stars and millionaires are afraid of bandits. After returning home, the hero found that his mother was killed, the family broke up, friends were in trouble, and a murder charge was fabricated against him. Will he be able to handle the trials? 


Addictive discount game 

This chic game has excellent graphics and great music. Evaluate a sensational crime story and try to survive in a world full of dangers. Help the main character in trouble to return his relatives. This game is made for thrill-seekers!


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