Borderlands 3 (Xbox Series X)

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Release date:22 Oct 2021
Publisher:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Developer:Supermassive Games

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Borderlands 3 (Xbox Series X) brief review

Borderlands 3 (Xbox Series X) is a role-playing action-adventure shooter and the first game in the series in which players visit new planets, where they will find new friends and enemies. Collect more and better loot and weapons with four heroes united to fight chaos and defeat a common threat.


Game plot and mechanics

The story is a direct sequel to the second part. It focuses on the confrontation between the heroes (Amara, Zane, Mose and FL4K) and the Calypso twins, the ruthless leaders of the most dangerous cult in the galaxy. Borderlands 3 (Xbox Series X) will support 4K resolution at 60 fps. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S versions will also receive split-screen modes for three and four players.


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