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Kaufen Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus - Reliable protection of your data 

Introducing the best virus protection for your Windows computers. This extremely great antivirus will provide you with multi-layered reliable protection against  trojans, ransomware, various spyware, etc. Antivirus has a high detection's level and is an innovative technological solution for proactive data's protection.

The high-adaptable scanning technology helps to increase the solution's speed and performance. So, you get guaranteed security and protection against all variations of malware and threats on the Internet. 

Web Protection provides you with the ability to search the Internet safely, and 100% protection against malware. You also protect your data from leakage and can carry out safe and secure online banking. Shop online without fear of your private information being exposed to the public. 

Key features of the solution and its benefits

Protection against phishing, ransomware,  all types of threats, fraud; providing safe web surfing in the online space.

Protect the privacy of your data, vulnerability scanner, protect your social networks and so on. 

The program immediately takes action if it recognizes a threat. Antivirus blocks sites that are aimed at stealing user personal data. Before clicking on a search result, you can get information about whether the resource is worth visiting. Get the program to prevent data leakage and protect yourself from fraudulent activities against you.

Turn on the Autopilot mode so that you can leave the web surfing without being distracted by notifications and be sure that the program continues to work to ensure your safety on the Internet. The program is equipped with the revolutionary technology Bitdefender Photon - this is the maximum adaptation to your computer configurations, allowing you to speed up performance and save resources. Cloud integration does not negatively affect the speed of the system and allows you to check files without touching their contents. So, you can be sure that your information is kept confidential. An irreplaceable addition - Bitdefender Profiles - the program disables notifications for a certain time. so you can play or work in peace.


Benefits of the program:

 Simple and nice interface

Little impact on performance

Precise detection of all possible threats

The most accurate vulnerability scan

Great job VPN


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