Rocket League Season 5 Is Coming Soon

A new season of the popular vehicular video game will be released this week. The fans are excited about upcoming updates.

Psyonix, a game developer and publisher, has unveiled a cinematic trailer for the upcoming season 5 for their arcade soccer game, the Rocket League. According to the video, players will be able to assemble their squadron and go to the moon. There, a new arena called the Starbase Arc awaits them. The newest action-packed Nexus vehicle will be added in the Season 5 Rocket Pass. Also, gamers will be able to earn Pro rewards above level 70! In addition, the opportunity will be added to participate in the new Competitive Season and join the list of the top players. Besides, it was confirmed that the new season will bring a lot of new items which may somehow improve players’ game experience.

Rocket League is an energetic mix of arcade football, car madness, simple controls, and physics-based competition. Players control a rocket-powered car and try to hammer the ball, which is much larger than the car, into the goal, getting points for it. The gameplay resembles a football game with elements of survival racing. The game with quite an unusual game design for the modern gaming industry, great graphics, and simple gameplay became pretty popular. Both critics and gamers highly appreciated Rocket League, which prompted the studio to actively develop add-ons and new content for the title. Since summer 2020, the developers made Rocket League a free-to-play title. Today, the game is one of the most popular titles in e-sports.

The previous season brought a lot of exciting features for the fans of the game. It was quite rich for crossovers! Players could try to play in the DC, Agent 007, Back to the Future, and NFL settings. The season included numerous thematically items, locations, and many others. Players were extremely excited about the opportunity to try some legendary cars like Batmobile, 007's Aston Martin Valhalla, and so forth. It’s still unknown yet if the upcoming season would have that many crossovers as well. The game updates successfully with numerous autos from real life, so be sure to find more latest auto novelties in the upcoming season.

Players have the last chance to receive some rewards for season 4. Reaching the required level, gamers can receive tags, wheels, and tournaments credits which will be turned into All-Star Cups. 


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