How to sell

Difmark offers multiple opportunities to gamers who want to sell their accounts on PC games. Here customers and sellers meet to conclude transparent deals — buy/sell game accounts, currency, top up cards and many other products. To let you sell gaming accounts, currency and gamecards instantly, Difmark team prepared a detailed step-by-step guideline. In a case, you will have any questions left about how to sell your gaming accounts, please leave a ticket for the Customer Support or read the FAQ section.
The step-by-step guide to sell game accounts online on Difmark:
Go to your personal account. Click the Gravatar icon (optionally) and choose the Account from the drop menu. Select Offers.
    Create a new Offer. To sell any game currency, top up cards, gamecards and other game-related products, the registered User should fill in all following fields:
  • 1. You should choose the game currency, gamecards, top up cards, as your Offer Type.
  • 2. Choose the game by typing its title. Specify the product (game) and its region (Europe or North America) - necessary only if you sell gamecards or top up cards. Click Submit.
  • 3. Fill in all necessary Game Details: Server and Faction (optionally).
  • 4. Then we ask our users to specify the Price Settings with such fields as:
  • Currency field — USD or any other available currency;
  • Price Per Unit — the price confirmation for 1 currency unit;
  • Stock — specify how much of game currency you want to sell;
  • Min. Unit Per Order — the minimal amount of the game currency you are ready to sell in 1 order.
Go to the next field: Delivery options. It’s a multiple choice feature, according to the preferred type of delivery of your offer to customers. The delivery options are Face-to-Face, Mail, Auctions, Other. The field Delivery ETA (the expected time of arrival): offline or online (specify if you are ready to sell online or offline).
Do not forget to check the box “Terms & Conditions”.
Congratulations! Your Offer is created.
In order to manage your offers, Difmark service has the tab Manage Offers. Go to this tab from the personal account.
Our team works hard daily to deliver the best website to sell game accounts. Our marketplace and community is ready to help whenever you want to get a gaming account, gamecard or top up card. Unlike most similar marketplaces, we provide the service to purchase and sell accounts for PC titles, without any hidden fees and right on time.
The advantages of using Difmark:

Many games are available for the deals between users — purchase and sell online accounts for games. Absolutely all deals are going between buyers and sellers, the marketplace doesn’t get involved into the process;

Simple interface — create a new Offer to sell your game accounts or currency under 2 minutes;

The expanding and quickly growing community;

Try our service to make sure that Difmark is the best place to sell accounts, currency, gamecards and other game related products. We work 24/7 as well as our Customer Support.

Transparency for all deals between buyers and customers. All controversial deals are solved with the help of the unbiased administration;

Support of over 150 payment options;