Rockstar Presented Screenshots From GTA The Trilogy On Switch

Rockstar has posted some screenshots from the remaster of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for Nintendo Switch. Fans noted that the graphics quality on the handheld console was more "blurry" than on other platforms.

The naked eye can see that the graphics on the Nintendo hybrid console will be noticeably inferior to versions for other platforms. There is a low resolution of textures and pictures in general.

The graphics of the upcoming release have already been compared with the original games. However, now the community criticizes the remasters for more than just controversial graphics. The technical condition of the project is in question.

It is worth noting that Groove Street Games, which is known for ports of games on consoles and mobile devices, worked on the remasters, and also has long collaborated with Rockstar. Among fans, GSG has a reputation for not being the best developer. 

All three remasters were made on Unreal Engine 4. In general, the visual style has not undergone significant changes, even though the system requirements for the collection on the PC exceed the technical requirements of the latest Rockstar releases.

Attentive users began to take a closer look at the available screenshots and began to find various bugs. For example, part of the bridge takes on the color of the sky, and the grass passes through the sidewalk, the train derailed, the character holds the bat without clenching his fingers, duplicates NPCs in one frame, and so forth.

Another subject of outrage among players was the rumor about the cut music in the games. The soundtrack has always played a very important role in GTA, maintaining the atmosphere of the eras depicted in the games. An anonymous user posted a list of music that Rockstar allegedly removed from updated games. The list exceeds 40 songs. Nevertheless, some users consider this leak a fake and there was no official information from Rockstar. 

The games will be released on PC and consoles on November 11th. Console owners can already preload the trilogy. PC users will not be able to download game clients until release. A customer can only buy the whole trilogy and they can't buy one game at a time. Besides, digital copies of the original parts can no longer be bought as they have been withdrawn from sale in all online stores. In the first half of 2022, titles will be available for smartphones as well.


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