Riot Games Showed The Gameplay Of Project L For The First Time In 2 Years

5 days ago
Riot Games Showed The Gameplay Of Project L For The First Time In 2 Years

For the first time since 2019, Riot Games introduced Project L team fighting gameplay to the League of Legends universe. According to director and CEO Tom Cannon, the development of the game has reached a stage where some details can be shared. The fans are excited with updates on the game.

In honor of the release of the latest episodes of the animated series "Arcane", the studio Riot Games has released a diary of developers Project L. This is the code name of the fighting game in League of Legends, which is a bit like Mortal Kombat. The video contains the first gameplay footage of the game, as well as conversations of developers about its creation.

Project L will be a team fighting game built on the interaction of two League of Legends champions. The new video showed four of them. The company of the already mentioned Ekko, Ari, and Jinx was formed by Darius with his ax and the ability to attract opponents. According to the creators, the controls will be easy to learn, but for mastery, a player will have to learn the mechanics.

The creation of better networking code has become important for developers. For this, Riot Direct technology is used, which is already successfully featuring Valorant and League of Legends. The creators are taking their time with production because they want to make a fighting game that will be played for many years. Project L will include local and multiplayer battles. As with Valorant, developers pay close attention to network code to minimize character management delays.

The development of the game is led by Tom and Tony Cannon, who are known as the founders of the EVO esports fighting tournament. It has been held since 1996.

Tom clarified that this is still the so-called "vertical slice" of Project L. This means that only the shell and basic mechanics have been created, which will have to be filled with content - characters, modes, and interface. Because of this, the fighting game will definitely not appear in 2022, but the developers will actively share information.

It can be assumed that the game will be released at least in 2023. Despite the fact that the wait is still quite long, it can be a good sign against the background of many fresh unfinished releases from major studios and publishers, which turned out to be a complete failure. The LoL fanbase passionately waits for the new title from their favorite developers, so it must be a worthy one!


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