GTA Trilogy Remaster Is Currently Not Available

The long-awaited remaster of the classic GTA Trilogy has been accompanied by the indignation of fans since the publication of the first screenshots and trailers of the titles. Now games, for unknown reasons, have ceased to be available for purchase at all.

Rockstar released a remaster of three classic GTA titles, or so-called 3D universe GTA, on Thursday. However, the official website posted a message the next day saying that the gamers are currently not available due the location restrictions. Nevertheless, PC owners can’t download the games from any country around the globe. The console owners can download the game though.

There are no official comments on this yet, but there are unofficial ones from users who managed to try the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. Fans are disappointed with the quality of the graphics, which in some places does not match the quality of the remaster. So, one of the users posted a video with a shower in San Andreas, due to the drops of which it is difficult to see anything around the character. Probably, Rockstar took some time to fix the graphical flaws that caused discontent among users.

Besides, Dataminers found in the files of the games a piece of code from the Hot Coffee erotic minigame, which could be launched in the original San Andreas. In the past, this easter egg has given rise to a lot of problems for publishing company Take- Fans suggested that the Hot Coffee minigame got into The Trilogy by mistake.

Another thing that disappointed and make angry the majority of gamers is that Rockstar removed all the old versions of the games. This decision was taken very harshly. Firstly, despite the dubious quality, remasters of the old games have rather high technical requirements and are now not available for many PCs. The Trilogy requires a much bigger amount of free space compared to its old version. Secondly, many fans prefer the old graphics to the new ones. The majority of characters look hilarious as well as the games have some censorship. And finally, remasters will get in the way of modders, because now it's much more difficult to experiment with games. The classic versions of the Trilogy had a pretty friendly game engine that was easy to tamper with.

Let's hope things go better with the next GTA remaster. By the way, GTA IV with improved graphics is promised in 2023.


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