Rey Mysterio Is A Cover Star Of WWE 2K22

Despite it wasn't officially announced yet, the cover star of WWE 2K22 was leaked and it’s one of the most famous wrestlers, Rey Mysterio!

WWE 2K20 was considered a failed title, so it made 2K decide to skip WWE 2K21 and concentrate all their attention on the development of WWE 2K22. According to the previous information, the release of the title should take place in several months. The updates on the title were shared by journalist Niels Ahrensmeie and there are no official details yet. He published the cover of the game WWE 2K22. According to the journalist, Rey Mysterio will be the face of the cover of the new part of the series, and three-day early access to the game will open on March 8.

The author also revealed that the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition will include three Undertaker cosmetic packs and a season pass. The Collector's Edition of the game will be called "nWo 4-Life Edition". This will be an exclusive version with bonuses in real format, but there is no more precise information yet.

While there are still a few more weeks to wait until the list of the wrestlers featuring the game will be revealed, many gamers still want to know which stars they should expect to. One of the wrestlers the fans are waiting for the most is Joan Marie Laurer as known as Chyna who passed several years ago. She is still one of the most famous female stars of WWE. Besides, the official Twitter account of Chyna made several posts about the willingness to include the star in a new game. Considering her featuring the two previous titles, it’s quite possible to meet her in a new title as well.

Some of the wrestling stars can be seen in the game's cutscene, including Bayley, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Bobby Lashley, and many more. The developers promise to fully present the wrestling simulator with improved controls and engine, talking in detail about its features, modes, fighters, and so forth. Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano, Keith Lee and several other previously fired stars of the promotion will be featured on the roster of the upcoming WWE 2K22 game. According to Forbes journalists, contracts with fighters to appear in the game were signed before they left the company.

The title looks vivid, fun, and of high quality. Nevertheless, some fans noticed that it doesn’t differ from the previous game from the franchise. In general, it's too early to judge, because only by playing the title you can appreciate all the differences, novelties, and improvements.  


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