The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Game Will Take Around 150GB

According to the latest updates of the new Guardians of the Galaxy game, it will take around 150GB to install on a PC. Such news surprised the majority of gamers.

Despite such a volume of the game may have scared some fans, it may be a good sign. In this way, the volume of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game is 127 gigabytes. Due to such a feature, players can fly around the whole world! Another good example is Call of Duty: Warzone which takes 175 gigabytes and provides players with numerous impressive content and maps. Accordingly, Guardians of the Galaxy may bring users an opportunity to visit numerous planets and discover the galaxy.

According to the rumors and the latest updates on Steam, the GOTG game will require 150GB of space only while installing. Indeed, the game will take something around 35GB. It’s way friendlier to the majority of modern PCs, especially ones with SSD.

The game promises to be exciting as players will meet a lot of famous characters from the Marvel Universe. Fans have already received some trailers showing the title. They show a few cutscenes and gameplay excerpts, not really going into the plot twists and turns. As far as we know, the squad was formed not so long ago, so all sorts of showdowns constantly arise between the characters. All the integrity of the group will depend on the actions of Peter (and the player) bringing some Role Play Elements to the game.

Only Star-Lord will be allowed to play, while Drax, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot will be under indirect control. Peter will give orders, and each character specializes in their area. For example, Gamora and Drax are high damage melee fighters, while Groot acts as a support and tank. Each of the characters has special skills as well as a player will be able to try different perks.

Players can see in the trailer the brave saviors of the galaxy slap the villains, joke, and organize pogroms. In the end, Adam Warlock appears as one of the guard's comrades. The main villains of the game will be the Universal Church of Truth, so players will likely meet and even fight Grand Unifier Raker. The title is going to be very fun, dynamic, and interesting.

The release of the game is scheduled for October 26, 2021. The development of Guardians of the Galaxy is carried out by the Canadian studio Eidos Montreal. Players can make pre-orders. The title will be available on PC and modern consoles.


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