Pokemon Legends: Arceus

It is very difficult to review all the Pokemon games and make predictions about the upcoming ones. All reviewers can treat a single feature from the opposite side. One will price it as the game-changing advantage. The others will hate it. The Pokemon Legends Arceus has just appeared, and it is still difficult to say something exact about it. On the one hand, it is a big breakthrough for the whole franchise. On the other hand, it is nothing special if we compare the game with the analogs. 


When is The Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date?

The game was on 28 January 2022 as the past of the 25th Pokemon Anniversary. Unfortunately, if you read it now, you have missed the Pokemon Legends Arceus pre order bonus, which was constructed by two sets: Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set and Baneful Fox Mask of the main character outfits. What is more, the digital Nintendo Switch Pokemon Legends Arceus pre-order contained 30 heavy balls. 


Novelties of the Gameplay

Since the announcement, the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game was surrounded by news and rumors. It might sound surprising in 2022, but it is the first game with the full-fledged open world in the series. It seems that it is an entirely new game. The main plot about an alien from the future, who gets to the past, where people only start learning about Pokémon, supports the statement. 

To tell the truth, it is a semi-open world. It is a set of large-scale locations connected with each other. However, each location is pretty big and populated. In comparison with the previous games, the gameplay has lowered the tensions: you can ignore the other trainers or monsters and tun away, while in the previous games, each path to the destination point turned into a set of trials. 

Like any game on the platform, the Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch suffers particular problems with the graphics. First, they did not suffer many changes in comparison with the prequel Sword and Shield. Second, the open space lacks details. On the other hand, nothing bad can be said about the details of the fights and characters. 

It is a pity that the Pokémon cannot stay with you for a long time. You can call it out any time, it will stand, communicate with you somehow, but it will not follow you. Here are some more Pokemon Legends Arceus details and advantages:

The game brought the full-fledged system of crafting. Everything starting from pokeballs and finishing with heals can be crafted by a player. The resources can be gathered during the explorations or as rewards after a fight. 

The Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay is enriched with a significant number of quests and tasks. Some of them are very interesting and have several steps. 

The PokeDex has gone more complicated. Now, you need to defeat each Pokemon many times to learn it. Get ready for the night and stealth hunts if you want to complete your Pokemon encyclopedia. Also, the Pokémons can be released to freedom or moved into a barn in the village. 

The open-world implies new mount Pokemons that will ease the exploration. The developers also promise flying and swimming mounts. 

For the moment, the Pokemon Legends Arceus seems to be the best part of the whole franchise. It managed to avoid or solve the problems of the prequels. It is a must for every Pokemon fan. However, if you have been wondering about joining the community, the game will not surprise you with fascinating gameplay features. You risk staying confused why so many people love the game.


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