The First Look at Gameplay in Far Cry 6 on This Friday

16 days ago
The First Look at Gameplay in Far Cry 6 on This Friday

Lately, Ubisoft announced that they will present a long video revealing gameplay features of the upcoming sequel of the popular franchise. Players can watch the presentation on all the major video platforms on May 28.

For today, we know pretty little about the game. Primarily, it was planned to release it this winter, but it was postponed to the next spring due to a global pandemic. Nevertheless, we have an impressive trailer showing the atmosphere and mood of the setting. This Friday, the secrecy of the title will be revealed a little.

According to the interview with the narrative director of the project Navid Khavari, the game will differ from all the previous parts of the series. As a rule, each of the stories took place in some wild world (except spin-offs). Far Cry 6 is going to change this course as it will be much more urban. It would be pretty interesting to check the usual Far Cry series game mechanics in some city or town.

One more time, we will appear on an island. However, it looks like it won’t be so wild. In this fortune, fictional Yara is inspired by real-life Cuba. Not only visually, but politically Yara is similar to its prototype. Players will meet serious political problems of a country being isolated for half of a century. The atmosphere of a crisis will slip through all the game. Likely, there won’t be any advanced weapons here, but it doesn’t mean that the title is not about present times. Due to isolation and sanctions, players will use old weapons which are limited. It’s interesting compared with previous games where usually it was not a problem to find a gun.

The main hero is Dani Rojas who will join guerrilla warfare against Antón Castillo, the president of Yara. As it was shown in the trailer, Castillo prepares his teenage son to become his successor and continue the tyranny. Since the times of Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has been trying to create a memorable charismatic antagonist like Vaas. It isn't clear yet if Castillo would become one. Nevertheless, the character is played by a famous actor Giancarlo Esposito, so there are all chances to make this villain great.

Perhaps, the gameplay video will show new features of playing for a guerrilla soldier. Accordingly, there may be new stealth elements or something like that. Ubisoft uses the same pattern for the series many years straight, so the time to change it may have come.


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