New Warframe Update Will Release Soon

Recently, the developers of Warframe held a broadcast, which presented a lot of new information about the future of their title. The main news was the addition of Angels of the Zariman. It will be a continuation of the "New War"‎ and will be released in early spring.

According to the developers, Angels of the Zariman will include a lot of new things. Among the innovations are two new modes, a quest, a warframe, and several fixes. One of the improvements will be the reworking of the Eximus, which will become stronger, but the reward for killing them will be greater.

Several factors contributed to the change. The developers want to give each Eximus a clear visual identification so that players understand how and why they affect their gameplay. Also, they aim to address many of the longstanding thoughts and concerns that players have had about these enemies. Arctic Eximus is a good example of crisp graphics and mechanics. Energoliches are an example of an enemy that needs to be tweaked with their invisible draining aura. Eximus can be a means of adding variety to the usual gameplay. Expect more time to kill these enemies, but also better rewards for your efforts.

The rest of the details and details of the authors will tell at the February presentation. Despite the easing of quarantine restrictions in many countries, TennoCon 2022, like in previous years, will be a digital event. More news is expected to be released later this year. Digital Extremes has launched a survey dedicated to what players expect in 2022. It covers topics such as raids, content difficulty, number of enemies on missions, the superiority of new gear, customization, frame archetypes, and more.

The Echoes of War update will be released for Warframe on February 9th, allowing players to replay the New War DLC and add 3 songs to the Personal Room Somachord. The generation of weapons in the systems of Liches and Sisters of Parvos will also change. This is the first major update this year. Mainlines are updates that collect various improvements in the quality of the game, as well as other changes.

In this patch, players will be able to relive the New War with additional replay options. In addition, 3 somachord keys will appear in the star map areas after the events of the New War to add new songs from this story campaign. The mechanics of Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos are coming with weapon generator changes. If you don't kill the Progenitor, the weapons he offered will be further removed from the list. For example, refusing to spare the Lich of Karak Kuva would mean that those weapons would no longer appear in the offerings. But once you defeat or transform your Lich/Sister, the weapon pool will be reset.


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