More Deep Dungeons Coming To Final Fantasy 14

According to the game director Naoki Yoshida, the rogue-lite Deep Dungeons Final Fantasy 14 is back. In his recent interview at the Korean Final Fantasy Festival, the director revealed that the new Deep Dungeons are on their way to an MMO.

The update including deep dungeons will feature in the new 6.0 patch series which will release pretty soon this spring. More information from Yoshida will come on February 18th. The director will tell more about the future of the franchise and Final Fantasy 14.

Deep dungeons are one of the most interesting experimental things done in FF14, and the last one came with Stormblood in 2018. They are quite complex but very popular in the gaming community and since then the vocal segment has demanded more.

FF14 is an MMO where a player can do a lot of things. For example, they can be a warrior or a spellcaster. They can fish and make armor. Also, they can bake pizza for themselves with the help of a cooking task.

Final Fantasy XIV is the most successful MMORPG in the Final Fantasy universe. According to official statements from the developers, support for Final Fantasy XIV will not stop for 10 years. Despite the fact that the main story came to its logical end with the release of the Endwalker add-on, the story of Final Fantasy XIV will not end there.

Also, Square Enix is ​​preparing to release Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis in 2022 on mobile devices. The events of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis cover all parts of FFVII, including those that are exclusive to certain regions. Thus, all released 5 parts will be included in Ever Crisis. The game retains the classic gameplay, but with significant graphics improvements. At the same time, the exploration of the world takes place in a more familiar format, divided into locations and dialogues. Square Enix will release the game by episodes, adding new plot inserts in order to develop the plot of Ever Crisis. The creative director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has revealed that Ever Crisis will be free to play. Monetization includes loot boxes with random guns and skins. As for the characters, then, perhaps, we will receive them as we progress through and for participating in individual events.

It seems that the Final Fantasy franchise is not going to stop and its success is only growing. Such good news delights fans around the world and also attracts new audiences. Perhaps fan support will help Final Fantasy become the most popular MMORPG in the world as its competitors’ ratings continue to drop.


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