Minecraft Will Appear On The New Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2. Moreover, it will appear in several versions at once including Java, Bedrock, and Minecraft Dungeons. It’s a great opportunity for players to enjoy the title via any platform they want.

Previously, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons were available on Xbox, but Java Edition was included in the subscription for the first time. The key differences between Bedrock and Java versions are support for crossplay and modifications, respectively. Java Edition is more convenient for moders, but it lacks crossplay. Some of the mods are definitely worth checking out.

In cross-platform mode, you can play Minecraft with your friends on any modern platform where it is including almost all the consoles and mobile devices. Bedrock is now considered the mainstream and is developing as a single ecosystem. Nevertheless, only PC users can try the Java version. It supports a large number of modifications created over the years of the game's life. In this way, each of the versions has its benefits and it’s up to a user to choose the most preferred and convenient one. Despite Minecraft already having its own launcher, it seems like Microsoft pushing the developers to unite all the Microsoft titles within one subscription.

Previously, the developers shared the details of the next major update for the game. It will rework the algorithms for generating caves and mountain ranges, as well as add new blocks and mechanics. In addition, the developers have shared a small preview of the upcoming 1.19 update, in particular, introducing the new boss Warden which focuses on sound, from the Deep Dark biome. The upcoming update is going to be the biggest one ever.

The Minecraft community currently has millions of players. It is also one of the best-selling video games in history, with over 200 million units sold for 2020. The number of mods and other activities of the game continually grows, so it seems like the title will remain the top one for many years. The developers make great updates to please the fans of the title. Due to such popularity and success, the purchases of Xbox Game Pass are likely to considerably increase.

Besides the Minecraft set, the Xbox Game Pass will include Outriders. The game will be available on both consoles and PC. The Outriders title was released this April. The shooter received mixed ratings from players and critics.


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