Konami Delayed eFootball 2022 Update

a month ago
Konami Delayed eFootball 2022 Update

One of the high-profile news of this year was the failure of the receiver of the popular series of PES football simulators – eFootball 2022. The developers promised to fix the majority of the bugs of the game as soon as possible but it seems that fans need to wait a little more.

Konami has postponed the release of the first update for eFootball 2022, which was scheduled for October 28th. The developers now want to release the patch in early November. The company announced this on Twitter. Previously, the release of the game was followed by numerous discussions of its bugs across the Internet. Players criticized eFootball for outdated graphics, locked frame rates, poor server connections, long downloads, lack of optimization, bugs with soccer animations, and more. Ridiculous faces of football players quickly became memes. The football simulator has become the worst game in Steam history with 11% of positive reviews. The total amount of feedback provided by the players is more than 22 thousand reviews.

The announcement indicates that the exact release date of the update and its details will be published later. Konami explained that thanks to the extra time, the developers want to improve the gaming experience for users in eFootball 2022. The failure turned out to be quite loud against the background of the release of an extremely high-quality FIFA title. Despite the game being free and will be regularly updated, it’s still poorly developed and performs significantly worse than any previous PES game. It is noteworthy that eFootball is distributed on a shareware model, while FIFA 22 requires a player to pay a fairly large sum. Despite this, EA Sports attracted way more players.

The delay of the update hasn’t surprised gamers. It was obvious that such serious flaws will require quite a lot of time to fix and make the game playable. Despite there being no official details of what exactly the developers were planning to do in the first turn, they certainly need to fix problems with cutscenes, facial animations, ball physics, and much more. Besides, they ask players to inform them about any discovered bugs in the game. It seems like their number is very huge! 

It isn’t clear if the game has a chance to eventually gain success or not. The last time only FlatOut 3 had such a negative reaction from gamers. Nevertheless, eFootball 2022 broke this record immediately in the first days of the release.


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