Key Guidelines for a Smooth Campaign Experience in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

As the eagerly awaited expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape looms, Bungie is doling out vital tips to ensure that Guardians have the smoothest possible entry into new battles. A top tip from the developer’s playbook stresses the importance of consistency in team missions: Players are advised to stick with their fire teams and avoid character swaps or joining in-progress missions. This strategy is crucial to keep your campaign progress intact and correctly record every victory and challenge.

Loot Wisely or Lose It

In the depths of the new sector, treasure awaits—but only for those who are quick and attentive. Bungie warns that failing to claim your loot from the final chest before the cutscene rolls will permanently lose the spoils. This tip isn't just practical; it adds a layer of urgency and strategy to how players engage with the endgame scenarios, making every action and decision count.

Navigating Known Glitches with Pragmatism

Beyond the usual combat strategies, the studio has flagged a series of glitches that could impact gameplay, particularly involving the new Prismatic subclass and some legacy issues. From Hunters' abilities not performing as expected to Titans facing inconsistent effects with their Bladefury Super, the list of potential pitfalls is noteworthy. Bungie also highlights a specific advisory for PC players regarding 3D sound—turning off Windows Spatial Sound settings might save you from soundless encounters.
As Guardians prepare to dive into the shadowy depths of The Final Shape, these insights from Bungie are not just advisories—they're the keys to forging a successful path in the game's expansive new chapter. By staying informed and prepared, players can focus on what they do best: exploring, battling, and triumphing over the dark forces that await in Destiny 2.


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