How to Sign Up

How do I create a Difmark account?

  • Create an account using email.
    1. Go to the registration page .
    2. Enter email mail and create a username.
    3. Create and confirm a strong password.
    4. Select your currency and enter your country.
    5. Place a check mark on the user agreement and click "Get Started".
  • Log in to your account using other social media. networks.
    1. Go to the registration page .
    2. Choose one of the social networks in the list.
    3. You will be redirected to the login page to confirm your registration.
    4. Your social the network will automatically link to the account on the authorized applications page .

Enter the correct email address, which only you have access to. If you log out of your Difmark account and forget your password, you will need access to the email address provided to log back into your account. !!!