How to sell

How to start selling?

To start selling, the user needs to verify his account. For more information on how to do this, see account verification .

After obtaining the status of a seller, you can create ads on the marketplace in accordance with the registered product category.

  • How to sell digital goods and in-game currency.
    1. Go to the Create Offer page .
    2. Select a product from the list of products, if your option is not there, suggest a product
    3. Select a product category: Game currency / key / boosting, etc.
    4. Fill in all required fields and make sure all information is correct. Please read and agree to our Terms of Service before clicking Submit.
  • Live stock
    1. Online warehouse allows you to keep several keys and sell them automatically in one sentence. After completing the transaction, you will not need to contact the buyer, the key you recorded will be sent instantly.
    2. In an online warehouse, it is important to record each new key on a separate line. You can also add excel, txt and archive files.

Always keep in touch with the buyer and respond as quickly as possible. In the chat, you can add template messages for fast typing.

  • Editing generated offers.
    1. Go to the offers page.
    2. Here you can see a list of all created offers. The tabs at the top show the type of offers, their status and filters.
    3. Select one of the offers, the status (active / inactiive) buttons allow you to quickly activate or deactivate an offer.
    4. To edit an offer, you need to click on the edit button or on the offer number.
    5. After editing, click the refresh button.

A list and status of all your offers can be found on the Offers page.