How to buy

How to make your first purchase?

There are several ways to complete a Difmark purchase. You can go to the catalog page, enter a product in the search, or select it at the top of the screen in the corresponding product category.

After going to the product page, you will see several offers from different sellers.

  • How to buy digital goods
    1. Browse offers, filter sellers by rating / price.
    2. Select one of the offers and click the add to cart button.
    3. Go to the payment page .
    4. Select a payment method.
    5. If the offer had the status of an online order, after payment you will instantly receive your product, otherwise the seller will contact you and send your order.
  • How to buy game currency
    1. Browse offers, filter sellers by rating / price and shipping method.
    2. Choose one of the offers, server, faction and amount of game currency (Please note the minimum amount of game currency).
    3. Click add to cart and go to the payment page .
    4. Enter your nickname and other information that the seller will need to transfer currency by the seller. Don't worry if the information is incomplete, you can complete it in a dialogue with the seller.

One-click purchase is the fastest and easiest way to buy game currency on our website.

  • How to make a one-click purchase
    1. Go to home .
    2. Select the desired game from the catalog, server, faction, select the name of your character in the game and specify the amount of game currency to buy.
    3. Click the Buy button and select a payment method.

If you made a purchase on Difmark off-line (Live stock), you should not expect the site to automatically give you anything instantly. The order is carried out by the seller, manually. If you bought, for example, an account, the seller will write you the details of this account via the chat on our website.

Therefore, before placing an order, be sure to contact the seller (to clarify the timing of the order).

For in-game shipping (for example, you buy in-game currency or items), we recommend that you stick to the shipping method at the seller's discretion, as sellers are usually more experienced in this matter.

  • Lead time
    1. It is assumed that the buyer and seller will discuss the lead time on their own prior to making a deal.
    2. It is very important to write to the seller before paying, as sellers are often not on the spot, and if you pay without warning, you will either have to wait for the seller or contact support for a refund.

Don't forget to confirm your order upon receipt.

The status and history of all your purchases can be tracked on the Orders page .