Finances and user balances

User finances and balance

Funds in your Difmark wallet can be spent on buying any games or currency.

You can increase your wallet balance through sale of goods on our site or through balance replenishment . Also, the funds can be used by earning on bonus and referral programs.

  • Balance types
    1. Available balance is the amount that is currently in your account. This is an active balance, which consists of funds available for withdrawing and spending.
    2. Expected Balance is the sum of all your transactions in progress. Once all your transactions have been fully processed and verified by our system, the funds will appear in your available balance. It can take up to 7 days to process a single transaction.
    3. Affiliate / Bonus Balance are bonuses accrued to you for Partners you invited to the site, their purchases and sales.

Bonus balance, allows you to transfer earned funds to the available balance for use in purchases or withdrawals in the future. You can read more and transfer the bonus balance to an available one on the bonus balance page.

  • Bonus balance accrual
    1. The first sale / purchase of a new user brings a bonus of & euro; 1.
    2. Users receive a bonus of & euro; 3 for every sale / purchase of & euro; 100 or more.
    3. Each new buyer / seller level brings & euro; 2 as a gift bonus.

The first purchase of referrals will bring the partner 5% of the order amount and an additional 5%, which we always pay for every purchase made by referrals. You can invite referrals on the corresponding page .

  • Pending status for balance
    1. Balance with the status '' Pending '' (Pending) shows the funds that can be transferred to the available (main) balance after the buyer pays for the goods. Delayed balance depends on your tariff plan and commission.
    2. The delay in the expected balance was created for the safety of buyers, after the order is confirmed by the buyer, payment for the goods will be transferred to your account.
  • Withdraw funds
    1. Go to the withdrawal page .
    2. This section contains a list of options that you can use to withdraw funds: add a card, top up funds, view your bonus balance, list of transactions, suspended payments and withdrawals.
    3. Add a convenient way to withdraw funds by filling out the form in the window that appears.
    4. Fill in the required fields and click the "Withdraw Request" button.
    1. Normal money transfer processing time is 2-3 business days (maximum 7 days). If necessary, we can ask additional questions when processing your translation.
    2. Fee depends on the beneficiary bank, please manage your payments accordingly to avoid additional bank transfer charges.
    3. 1. Bank transfer - 3.90%
    4. 2. Visa/Master Card - 6.9%
    5. 3. Webmoney - 6.5%
    6. 4. Qiwi - 9%
    7. 5. Paypal - 2.9% + 5 EUR fix
    8. 6. BTC - 5.9% + 5 EUR fix 4.7%
    9. 7. Advanced Cash - 5.7%
    10. 8. PayDo - 2.5%
    11. Below you can see the expected payouts and a history of your previous withdrawals.