Digital Sun Unveils Cataclismo: An Innovative Blend of Lego and RTS Gaming

In an exciting development, Digital Sun, the studio celebrated for its hit roguelike game Moonlighter, is returning to the gaming scene. Their latest project, Cataclismo, is set to revolutionize the real-time strategy (RTS) genre by combining the allure of Lego with intricate base-building mechanics.


Constructing Your Way to Victory

Cataclismo immerses players in a world where they must defend fortresses against waves of menacing foes known as "Horrors." Its groundbreaking "brick-by-brick" base-building system sets this game apart, allowing players to create defenses with the same creativity and precision as building with Lego bricks. This innovative approach brings back the joy of childhood creativity and seamlessly integrates it into the digital battlefield.


Anticipating the Arrival of Cataclismo

Although Cataclismo is still in its early development stages and has not launched its Kickstarter campaign, a live Steam page provides an enticing sneak peek. The release target is set for Q2 2024, and early feedback from an updated demo has been overwhelmingly positive. With its captivating mix of minimalist art style, complex base-building, resource management challenges, and intense siege warfare, Cataclismo promises to redefine the gaming landscape in 2024. The prospect of constructing limitless medieval castles in creative mode adds an exciting dimension to the game, potentially revolutionizing the RTS genre. As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await further details, one thing is sure – the mist won't dissipate on its own, and soon, players will have the opportunity to shape their destiny, one brick at a time, in the world of Cataclismo.



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