Details of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Along with the Metro 2033 series, Stalker has been the most popular game franchise from Eastern Europe. It managed to win the hearts of players around the world with its dark and realistic atmosphere, interesting and familiar setting, and an intriguing world filled with mutants, anomalies, and different sides of the conflict. 

Another feature of the game is its release problems. The time between the first announcement and the release date can take more than five years. Regarding Stalker 2, the first serious rumors about it started in 2013, five years after the last Stalker Game had been released. Anyway, the game has managed to gather a strong and very devoted community, which supplies it with modifications and buzz. In this post, we will reveal some details about the plot, gameplay, and the Stalker 2 release date.


When is Stalker 2 Coming Out?

It seems that Cyberpunk 2077 has made all the game developers scare the fast releases. Blizzard, Valve, and GSC Game World do not risk releasing the unfinished games. They prefer to prolong the terms but avoid the major bugs. And, as it happens with the major AAA projects today, the Stalker 2 release has been recently postponed. 

At first, the release date concerned the year 2022. However, now we can expect the game to come to us not earlier than the summer or fall of 2023. However, the game is available for the presale. The base version of Stalker 2 is sold for almost $50 in Epic Games Store and Steam. The Xbox users can perform the Stalker 2 pre-order in the Microsoft store for the same price. Besides the base game, two versions, Deluxe and Ultimate, will be released with new skins, costumes, a season pass, and other gifts. 


Plot And Gameplay

According to the developers, the main advantage of the Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl Steam game will be a giant open area for exploration. It is about 65 square kilometers, which is between the territory sizes of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. 

The game is a classic shooter with RPG elements. The sequel will continue the story of the original Stalker trilogy. The action will take place 7-8 years after the Call of Pripyat game. The plot will turn around a stalker named Scythe (Scythian). He is an experienced Zone wanderer, but there is nothing more to learn about him. It leaves space for diversified role-play. There is a rumor that the main character of the game has already appeared in one modification and a short movie. According to the Stalker 2 game, the main character found a way to change the Zone, take control over it, or even destroy it. The other gameplay features include:

• Both new and old locations of the Zone will appear, including the Newbie Village, ATP, Swamp Church, Jupiter factory, and so on.

• The improved life simulator A-Life 2.0 will take control over decisions in Zone, even without a player. 

• Developers promise over 30 kinds of weapons, with an ability to modify them, so everyone would be able to build a favorite gun. Though, the developers do not go into gun fetishism, like in the Escape from Tarkov game. A better gun balance is also expected. 

• Another gameplay novelty is the regions with more mutants. A player will face the layers of both familiar and new creatures of the Zone.

For now, the Stalker 2 news does not please us with diversity. It is difficult to predict the exact gameplay features, as we can operate only with developers’ diaries and a few trailers. However, Stalker 2 remains one of the most anticipated games of the nearest future.



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