GTA Trilogy Release Date Is Confirmed

Recently, the announcement of the upcoming remasters of famous GTA games became the hottest topic in the gaming community. Nevertheless, Rockstar announced the official date of the release only several days ago.

Rockstar Games has revealed some new details about their upcoming release, announced two weeks ago. Updated versions of legendary 3D universe GTA titles will be available on November 11. Players can pre-order titles via the Rockstar Games Online Store. A boxed edition is provided for the console versions of the collection, which will be released on December 7th.

Players can compare the graphics of the original games and the remasters in the published trailer. Rockstar Games has confirmed that all three games have been ported to the Unreal Engine. New features include reworked textures and character models, improved shadows, reflections, weather effects, and render range. In addition, many of the control features will be redesigned similar to GTA V, and Nvidia DLSS technology will be available in the PC version. As was promised by the developers, the games will have modern gameplay relevant to modern PCs and consoles. Besides, the titles have quite high technical requirements exceeding the ones for GTA 5.

Despite the rather positive reception of news about the re-release of classic GTA games, they have already been criticized by gamers. In the trailer, the developers boasted new beauties in graphic design. The video turned out to be small, less than a minute long, but even in this short segment, attentive users found censorship. They noticed that in one of the cutscenes of the remaster of GTA: Vice City, Phil Cassidy is wearing a different T-shirt. Instead of the Confederate flag, there is now a skull there. Since many people associate this symbol with racism, the developers decided to protect themselves from possible attacks. Confederate symbols began to be removed from the games after the protests in the United States, which erupted over the assassination of George Floyd during his police arrest.

Such a fact embarrassed a lot of GTA fans as the games were always full of black humor and provocative irony. The developers were not afraid both to joke on sensitive topics and to demonstrate different views on certain things through the characters. These features made an undeniable impact on the popularity of the series. Fans ask a logical question: if the flag was removed, then what else did the developers do to please the modern audience.


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