Call of Duty: Vanguard Ranked Play Beta Is Coming

Recently, the developers of Call of Duty: Vanguard shared the details of the rating mode of the title's multiplayer, which starts a little later than the launch of the second season of the shooter, namely on February 17th. For now, the ranked mode will only be available in beta mode.


The Call of Duty Ranked Mode Beta is coming soon! According to the developers, players will experience Call of Duty League-approved rules, visible skill, and division ratings, and enjoy a host of cosmetic rewards as they progress through the stages. It sounds promising!


The developers have introduced an ELO system for efficient matchmaking and player skill calibration. In order to raise a high skill rating, the player must predominantly win matches, however, kills and other indicators during the game will affect the rating as well. In order to get a rating and a division, a player needs to play five "calibration" matches. Further, 8 players will participate in the matches, 2 teams of four people within seven divisions. There are 7 divisions in total, each divided into five stages.


Activision has prepared a huge amount of content for players in Call of Duty Season 2. Among the updates awaiting them are new operators, weapons, and a new battle pass for the second season of Vanguard with Warzone integration. In addition to the Ranked mode, the game will feature an Arms Race. Also, players will be able to play on two new maps - Casablanca and Gondola. The killstreak per kill streak will be 12 frags. Players will have access to two new perks and a new weapon - a sticky grenade.


Also, along with these innovations, the update will bring to Call of Duty: Vanguard improvements in network stability and fixes many bugs in modes, sets, weapons, perks, and progression tracking.


Not without a star cameo! Many insiders and other leaks claim that players should expect the appearance of the famous rapper Snoop Dogg in the game!


Among other Call of Duty-related news, Activision Blizzard employees are optimistic about the deal with Microsoft, and some leading experts believe that Call of Duty may refuse to release new parts of the series every year. The slower release of the new Call of Duty can both please the players, stimulate the series to develop, and help developers not work in emergency mode all the time. For example, the audience was unhappy with the fact that the Modern Warfare reboot was supported for only one year and many did not want to move on to the new part.



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