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Game:Eve Online
Units:1 Bil
Game currency:ISK
Release Date:06.05.2003
Devepoer:CCP Games
Publisher:CCP Games
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EVE Online is one of the most reputable and legendary games in MMORPG world being popular since 2003. For almost two decades the game seems to be still interesting for the players who have seen hundreds of similar projects. Celebrities, professional gamers and even politicians enjoy playing with a boosted for years EVE account.

The game takes place in the deep space of a distant future. The history says that people, having mastered near-Earth outer space, discovered a space-time tunnel, which they used to conquer new distances. But one day the tunnel was closed, cutting off the way home to the voyagers. They tried to group, but the human nature took its toll: everyone quarreled and grand space war began.

Every player takes the chosen place in this war and has his or her own spaceship. Players must join to work for factions, participate in battles and manage the entire fleets. All players must take part to trade, construct and take part in grand battles. The economy of EVE Online accounts over the years has independently developed to a level that requires players to perform completely different roles. You may need EVE online account with enough PLEX items and ISK currency to perform all these duties with maximum result.

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EVE Online is the only game that is legendary in everything: from each location and ship models to factions and even real politician scenarios. To experience all these activities, you may want to get as many EVE Online PLEX items as possible with the in-game currency.

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