Portal Knights (PC)

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Release date:18 May 2017
Publisher:505 Games
Developer:Keen Games
Together with your friends become a Portal Knight

Portal Knights is a sandbox MMORPG where you can join your forces with up to four players in a cooperative multiplayer. Furthermore, Portal Knights is an MMORPG game which actually allows you to play on 2 Player Split Screen. Yes, this way of gaming with your friends, forgotten many years ago came back in Portal Knights. Now you don't need two separate machines to play with your friend. Just sit together, launch the game and enjoy a split screen adventure like never before. There is nothing better than visiting dungeons with your best friends. What else can be better than this?

Epic bosses are waiting for you

You are a Portal Knight. Then, your most important task is to take care of various portals, located in the game world. However, it is not going to be easy. In order to do so, you have to defeat powerful Portal Guardians. You cannot defeat these strong entities alone. This is why you have to cooperate with other players or your friends if you want to defeat your enemies. Together you can prevail.

Travel through randomly generated World

Unlike in most MMORPG games, huge part of Portal Knights maps are randomly generated with different NPC-s, loot, caves, dungeons, lakes, creatures and materials for crafting. In other words, the game is going to constantly surprise you with new elements. This is why exploration is the best part of your adventure. New elements for you to find, monstrosities to face and friends to make.

Construct buildings and your own home with dozens of materials

Portal Knights is not only a game about leveling your hero, fighting powerful enemies, finding loot and becoming the most powerful warrior in the universe. You also have to find your little place in this world. Thanks to tons of crafting materials, you can create your own house from scratch. The only thing you need is preparation and a few materials. Build a house you always wanted to create. Harvest resources, build even bigger structures and even adopt a pet. Build your own fate in this world.

Participate in random events

Portal Knights regularly provides you with various, random events. There are many events like Araktura Invasion, where Araktualas infested the island. Your task is to destroy them. There are events where you're going on treasure hunting. Seasonal events, special events, recipes events. There are so many things you can do. Each event provides you with interesting rewards. Thus, it is a good idea to finish them.

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