Halo Infinite (Xbox)

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Release date:8 Dec 2021
Publisher:Xbox Game Studio
Developer:343 Industries

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Buy the Sequel of the Legendary Universe Halo Infinite (Xbox). Read more facts about Halo Infinite (Xbox). This is perfect for those who are not familiar with the Halo game universe and all its parts.

What should you know about Halo Infinite (Xbox)?

Halo Infinite (Xbox) is a first-person shooter game the events of which unfold in the universe of Halo. This is a sequel and a new chapter in the history of Master Chief. The  actions will unfold in open locations, and the developers plan to constantly expand the content available for exploration. 

What was changed?

The visual part became much more beautiful, and the game mechanics were changed (for example, a hook to grab objects appeared). You can also see a fairly open world or just large locations. The developers promise that the campaign of the new game will be very large-scale and even surpass the fourth and fifth parts.

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