Europa Universalis IV Wealth of Nations (DLC)

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This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game.
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Release date:29 May 2014
Publisher:Paradox Interactive
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Wealth of Nations is the second expansion for the critically praised strategy game Europa Universalis IV, focusing on trade and how to make the wealth of the world flow into your coffers.The expansion allows you to create trade conflicts in secret, steal from your competitorswith the use of privateers, use peace treaties to gain trade power and create a newtrade capital to strengthen your grasp over trade.

The age of exploration is brought to life in this epic game of trade, diplomacy, warfareand exploration by Paradox Development Studio, the Masters of Strategy. EuropaUniversalis IV gives you control of a nation to rule an empire that lasts through the ages.

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