Chivalry Medieval Warfare (PC)

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Release date:16 Oct 2012
Publisher:Torn Banner Studios
Developer:Torn Banner Studios

If you wish to step into the arena with a double ax and a longbow to slash all red knights in a powerful style, buy Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and travel back in time. Arm in arm with your team, get bloodstained and show the power of your war hammer.

Getting ready for the war

Select your team. At your disposal, there are various classes of warriors. Eg. there is an archer, a man-at-arms, and a vanguard knight.

Select weapons. The selection is amazing: double axes, throwing axes, maces, longbows, battle axes, spears, shields, and swords. Group them in primary, secondary, or special categories. Watch your rank and the current score. Check the numbers of kills and deaths.

Decent tactics brings a victory inChivalry: Medieval Warfare

Skilful fingers on the keys are a must in this game. Do the training before you face the first enemy, as there will be no mercy. With your team, go around the arena to kill the other team with medieval weapons.

Use different types of attacks. Practise combinations of a stab and a slash, plus a high kick, or a thrust and a downward. Make each of your attacks quick and surprising for the opponent. Blocking is quite important in every combat. Block properly or you are hit and dead. Get your opponent off-balance. Watch your head, as it is easy to have it cut off. Do not let the opposing knights run away.

There is a lot to do during a medieval war: besiege castles, raid villages, push wagons with corps, destroy war machines, fight for spectacular glory in the crowded arena. Doublethink how to trick the defenders, as you do not have too much time to take the castle.

Amazing medieval interiors

The game creates a unforgettable atmosphere of medieval war in original locations. Set in the realistic world of castles, villages, and arenas, the scenario will take players inside amazing chambers, fields, and corridors.

Feel the adrenaline of charging warriors within a sandy arena, surrounded by enthusiastic spectators, that cheer and swear loudly. Walk over bloody puddles and clean your sword from bloody drips.

Run along endless stone corridors in a mighty castle with a bunch of knives ready to throw. Step on thick carpets and sneak between shapy sculptures of guarding lions. Run steep stairs up and down with a heavy ax and feel like an undefeatable knight.

Intensive online battles

Chivalry game has sophisticated online fight system gives a sensation of a very intensive gameplay. The duels are brutal and can be quite long lasting. Well designed battle modes give players loads of fun and adventure.

Take a team perspective as well. This view is quite rare and fascinating, get involved in a vast picture. Follow the sequence of events and become an attacker or a defender. Chivalry unrolls the battle scenarios in well-designed phases. If you do not like battles there are four other modes to select from.

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