Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (PC)

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Release date:28 Jul 2017
Publisher:PlayWay S.A.
Developer:Red Dot Games

If there is more you love in cars than just driving them, buy Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and become a professional mechanic in an amazing garage. Take any order and do any mission. Diagnose a fault, recover a wreck, paint, tune, buy and sell parts and do them up, cars, cars!

Mechanic's kingdom

The place to operate is a large garage with all necessary equipment, eg. an engine crane, a spring compressor, etc plus of course a huge toolbox. Use skill points to unlock more and more tools. Store your parts in a warehouse, not to overload garage space.

There are also other places on the map to operate. It is a parking spot, a test track, a car sell, a junkyard, car auctions, and a race track. Develop and expand your car service business.

Buy parts

There is a computer in your garage where you can order parts you need to fix or build your car. There is a massive selection of rims in a Rim Store. There is also a Tire Shop with all kinds of tires. Customize the letters on your car plate when you go to a Licence Plate Shop, where you can buy different styles of licence plates.

Visit an Interior Shop, and replace the seatings. Find new steering wheels in a Steering Wheel store, there are modern ones, retro ones or pretty crazy ones. All the exterior parts of the body are purchasable in a Body Shop.

You can swap up the parts there, like headlights, the screens, or the mirrors Look for an engine, brakes or suspension components if you need any, as well as exhaust parts and gearboxes.

Orders flow

The phone is beeping. These are new orders. Open Repair Orders window and find out what is there to do. At first, it is something less challenging, like checking the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, or looking at the tires. Grab this order to gain the first experience.

Roll sleeves up and get started! You know that you do not change oil without changing the filter. Lift the car and take the wheels off. If you need to replace tires or replace rims, you have to separate them first, make the fixes, put a wheel in a wheel balance and put it back to the car.

There are loads to do! With time and experience, more and more complex and sophisticated tasks will arrive, like orders concerning breaks or suspension. Maximize the time and do two or more things simultaneously. The car status informs if the job is complete and how much money you earn.

Becoming more and more skillful car mechanic!

At lower levels, players cannot repair parts but only replace them -either by buying new parts or getting scrap ones. To reach a higher level and get access to more and more tools, activities, and missions, collect skill points for doing repairs quickly and successfully.

How efficiently can you disassemble three parts deal with a few flows, and then reassemble everything back correctly?

Choose the best order for you. The best paid and the most profitable. Complete story missions, where you need to replace all of the specific items. Get each of your cars under repair registered as fixed. Gradually increase your income to be able to buy more parts and develop your potential. The good economy will also bring more skill points and transport players to higher levels.

Test track

Sometimes, the client does not know the exact placement of a problem. To better identify the flaw, and safe time messing around, always take your next car patient to a test track. There, by driving slowly, spot all the weaknesses. Use external cameras to have a broader look at the car. Examine the report on the car condition.

Decide which component: a brake disk or a brake caliper needs to be replaced. The 3D car map is color-coded according to the percentage of a damage. The red parts must be replaced and cannot be fixed. Use imagination and mechanic invention to solve the problem creatively

Real life details

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 game creates a superb, near photographic, simulation of a car garage. The graphics and all animations indoors, outdoors, all the machines, the equipment, the architecture of the garage and all visuals leave players delighted and amazed.

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