Building returns to Fortnite

There is a piece of great news for passionate fans of Fortnite. In the latest season of the Fortnite game, released on 20th March, players noticed an absence of building features in the main modes. So developers temporarily removed the building feature, and after two weeks, it is back, and it can not but rejoice building enthusiasts. 


After being launched by Epic, a new Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance building trait was temporarily 'wiped out.' However, all the details came up to the surface after the developer of the battle royal presented some novelties of Chapter 3, Season 2. Epic developers surprised players with a new Overshield function and the absence of a Fortnite staple in the list of main modes.


Epic Games explained removing building features by replacing them with mobility features. In particular, they added sprint and climbing features to maintain balance and not overload the game with numerous modes but took away building.


However, there is a Zero Building mode option on the menu for those feeling comfortable without this feature. These two game versions are affordable for Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squad battle royale combat as well. 


One of the distinctive traits of Fortnite: Battle Royale was the ability to construct structures for defense from gathered materials. The disappearance of the building feature for some time made the game similar to other battle royal games and was a big shock for gamers.


At the same time, after playing without building features during the latest season, the no-building mode gained its admirers. Not to disappoint fans, Epic Games confirmed the decision that the Zero Building option in Fortnite will be present on a regular basis. 


Epic Games also announced that they are going to donate the profit from the new Fortnite season to a humanitarian mission in Ukraine. The effort lasted until 3rd April. The company had raised $100 million on 29th March.


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