Battlefield 2042 Has Over 24K Negative Reviews on Steam

Despite Battlefield 2042 being a long-awaited and promising title, it has joined the top of the worst Steam games. The players are totally disappointed as it’s another disastrous new release of this year.

The recently released Battlefield game has become one of the most negatively reviewed titles on Steam. It has been just several days after its full release, but the game already received about 25,000 negative reviews.

The players were left disappointed by the numerous issues. Gamers complain about big maps that have nothing interesting on them, neutral specialists instead of classes, "cardboard" equipment, purely developed natural disasters, and a big number of technical flaws. Furthermore, Battlefield 2042 doesn’t feature in-game voice chat which became obligatory for similar games. For now, it is not specified when this feature will be added. The Internet is full of compilations of bugs in Battlefield 2042 and their number constantly increases.

According to one of the former developers of the game, there won't be any significant changes in Battlefield 2042 in the coming days or even months. They point out that the reason for the failure of the game is the huge number of ideas and new mechanics that the studio tried to implement, as well as the studio's own vision, which ignored the pros and cons of the past parts of the franchise. The core of the game itself is in need of a major overhaul, which will take a lot of time and a lot of money that EA has already begun to allocate for the next Battlefield.

Despite the dire reviews, the game's sales rate has been quite high in recent days. The first, second, and third places on the Steam sales chart for the period from November 15 to November 21 went to various editions of Battlefield 2042. The statistics were published on the platform's official website. The online shooter is also good. More than 70 thousand people already. By the evening and on weekends, as a rule, it will probably still grow.

The fourth and fifth lines were taken by two editions of the leader two weeks ago, Forza Horizon 5. The turn-based role-playing game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story was also included in the list. The pre-order of Farming Simulator 22 closed the list of the top ten most profitable titles.

However, this success is likely to be short-lived. DICE has seriously undermined their reputation among the gaming community and, apparently, they are unlikely to be able to fix all the problems of their fresh release in a short time. It is possible that due to such a huge number of bugs and a possible drop in player activity, the studio simply will not make sense to work on the game and its support will end in a short time.


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