RAGE 2 (PS4)

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Release date:May 14, 2019
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Developer:Avalanche Studios, id Software

Rage 2 (PS4)

Rage 2 is a great Bethesda FPS that was released in May 2019. It is a pure fun to play this game. The international marketplace Difmark gives a chance to have a hand-levelled RAGE 2 account on PS4. In such a way, you may receive the load of additional features for this awesome game title.

Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter – to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.


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