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Game:Albion Online
Units:1(kk) Million
Game currency:Silver
Release Date:17.07.2017
Devepoer:Sandbox Interactive
Publisher:Sandbox Interactive

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Albion Online is a cross-platform MMORPG from the developers of Sandbox Interactive studio. When creating a character, players can choose the gender and appearance. There are several pre-assembled avatars and manual selection of the main features is also available. At the first glance, the rules in Albion MMO game are very simple, but they make the gameplay quite interesting.

The game does not have the usual choice of races and classes. In addition, your character has no level, instead he has 4 parameters:

Grinding and looting will give your experience points and Albion currency;

Additional points are gained in battles;

Honor is gained in battles with players;

Honor points for all missions and quests;

You have a huge tree of progress, which takes into account every perfect action in the world. Each achievement has a requirement and reward. Most achievements have several levels, which gives additional improvements for the skill. As you can see, you need to spend hours and hours to boost your Albion online account.

In addition, an adventure skill develops from earned fame and provides access to Albion online gold and items. Weapons, armor, resources in the game are divided into various categories. At the moment, there are 8 categories in the game, and, judging by the numbers, all of them require a lot of grinding. To avoid this fact, you may want to buy Albion Online silver and accounts with already hand-levelled characters.


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