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Game server: North America (PC/Mac – NA)
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Min amount of order is 1000 Th Gold
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The transfer of game currency by trade between players in the game itself.

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1,000 Th Gold available

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Game:Elder Scrolls Online
Units:1 Th
Game currency:Gold
Release Date:04.04.2014
Devepoer:Bethesda Softworks
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls Online!

The Elder Scrolls Online is a very top-notch title in the genre MMORPG. This unique game was developed by the experienced team of Zenimax Online Studios. ESO is based on the legendary RPG series that is at the market of video games for more than 20 years. The plot of the game takes place long before the bloody events of the last game of the series. At a time when there was no single authority and when Tamriel was divided into 3 parts that were hostile to each other: Aldmeri, Daggerfall and Ebingard unions.

Each player at the beginning of Elder Scrolls Online must choose the part for which he will fight for. Think wise before you choose your character for a personal ESO account. Each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to fractions, every player will have to pick a class for his character. There are Knights flying on the dragons, Templars, Wizards and Swords of the Night. There are also ability classes – Vampires, Werewolves, Guild of fighters and Guild of magicians.

The most exciting part of the game is PvP. It is a major reason why so many people register Elder Scroll online account. Each alliance must strengthen its position on the PvP frontline. Such effect is achieved by capturing the major fortresses. Imagine a huge map: open spaces and forests, mountains and castles. These most huge locations are divided into 3 parts. Each neutral and enemy location can enslave and capture the castle.

However, to take part in such awesome raids you must level up your personal hero for Elder Scrolls online account. Besides grinding for levelling up, you must also earn Elder Scrolls Online Gold – the currency that will deliver pretty much everything in ESO universe. Difmark gives you a chance to buy ESO account with a hand-levelled character, Gold coins and other valuable items.


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