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Game currency:Gold
Release Date:Jan 19, 2016
Devepoer:Team Bloodlust

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Blade & Soul is a fantasy action MMO game where the main focus is on the combat system commonly used in slashers and fighting games. The game tells about the beautiful legends of Asia, with its characters and traitors. Players have 6 servers to choose from and 7 classes, each of which can be trained and upgraded to the 45th level. Each character in Blade and Soul has its own flavor and some features. Some characters have better melee weapons, some perform combo tricks and others are able to disappear like ninjas.

The in-game characters in Blade and Soul MMO vary in degree of difficulty. Some classes, such as Kung Fu Master, are very difficult to manage due to the huge amount of combos and skills. It is really difficult to upgrade Blade and Soul accounts with this master as your main character.

The combat mechanic in NCSoft Blade and Soul is tied to all sorts of types of combo attacks. You can play each specific combat situation in different ways strike or use unique abilities (disappear, teleport, flowing in the air, etc.). Favorite tactics in Blade and Soul Online can be enhanced by opening new perks and spending real money.

Players can boost Blade and Souls characters Shen, Van, Fen and Lin. All races resemble humans but with a very peculiar charisma. And each character can be changed visually via a customization editor choose among 4 faces, hairstyles, etc. 

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