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Release date:29 Sep 2016
Developer:Knuist & Perzik

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Buy Wuppo (PC) and Dive Into the World Full of Strange Creatures. You can find here the information about the gameplay of Wuppo (PC). Only wit and charm will help you succeed in this great journey.

Things you should achieve in Wuppo (PC)

Wuppo (PC) is a two-dimensional platformer in which a strange creature should look for his new home in a fancy world. Go around the world to find a new place for him to live. On your way, you will face various magical places and other strange creatures. Fight with a lot of enemies, from the smallest to the hugest.

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The game was created by two enthusiastic people, with hand-drawn graphics, a powerful soundtrack, and a huge unknown world. Enjoy a fascinating and unforgettable soundtrack performed by an orchestra. Use items and social skills to overcome various obstacles. Collect film strips to learn a detailed history of this world.

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