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“We all came to this new world for a reason. Some looking for the thrills of the frontier, some seeking fortune and glory, and some just looking for a new beginning. Whether seeking justice, revenge or escape from past deeds -- we all had to find our own way to survive.”

Wild West Online lets you and your closest friends ( and bitterest rivals ) delve into a thrilling world of action-packed PVP combat, world exploration, running errands for NPCs and social role playing. Whether you’re a gunslinger, explorer, crafter, miner or homesteader type, there’s fun to be had in the world of Wild West Online.

Join either ruthless McFarlane Family or their calculating rival Steele Industries to wage war for the control of Willwood county and all its bountiful resources. Pick a clan and participate in this feud: fight for the honor of the company, help settle scores, and most importantly defend your own territory while seizing land and resources away from your rival.
Wild West World exploration will take you through a variety of gorgeous biomes, each with its own charms – and dangers. Plains, forest, desert and mountains can all be found in Wild West Online. And like the pioneers of yore, you can map out new territories looking for the perfect claim or homestead, or you can take a different path when your wanderings lead you into one of WWO’s various settlements.
Choosing your character role in WWO isn’t a matter of picking from a rigid class system, but rather applying your time and skill points towards what excites you the most. Perhaps you’re a gunslinger type, drawn to combat? Spend your time and points in that area. Are you more of a craft-and-sell type? The shops eagerly await your wares. Or perhaps you’d like to stick to the wilderness, adventuring for cash through PvE quests, or simply exploring this new frontier? All these things are possible in Wild West Online.
Of course, if you choose the path of the gunslinger there’s also a little matter of choosing which side of the law you’re on. You can choose the righteous path of being a Sheriff, and find yourself beholden to the laws of the land. Or you can opt for the dangerous freedom of running as an outlaw. Naturally, Sheriffs and Outlaws are pitted against each other in Wild West Online, with risks and rewards specific to each role.
Rivalries will be further tested through combat-oriented public events. The rewards for participating in these events can be very rich, but the opposition will be fierce and only the toughest and cleverest will walk away with the loot. Common events will be frequent enough to let you test your mettle and hone your skills while you try to make bank, and exclusive, high-value events are also planned.
For those who wish to focus on resources and crafting, Wild West Online offers the opportunity to do so. Farming, mining, crafting and trading are all part of WWO’s role playing feature set. Stake a claim, find a homestead, build your own plantation and profit from the fat of the land, while others do the shooting for you.

Our team has put a lot into WWO for your enjoyment, something for every kind of player under the sun. We've been working on the game for almost two years now, and thanks to the amazing community response in to the Alpha tests, early access period, and on social media, we've been able to hone it into the game our players have been asking for. Without this community, Wild West Online wouldn't be what it is today. So we hope y’all will come join all of us in this MMO Western frontier and have a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

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