Take the Cake (PC)

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Release date:Nov 28, 2017

Test your wits in Take the Cake, a puzzle platformer that challenges you to help a friendly furball retrieve his stolen cake from evil robots. Built around physics and color-changing abilities, the game lets you interact with a handmade rocket, change the furball’s color, and fight bosses to progress through 27 levels across five different environments. Can you help Frank retrieve his cake before it’s too late?

Colorful gameplay: Dive into a puzzle platformer with game mechanics built around changing colors and realistic physics.
Wonderfully varied levels: Explore 27 levels across five colorful environments.
Multiple control options: Use either a keyboard or gamepad to play the game.
Best time challenge: Compete against other players to have the best completion time!
Original storyline: Enjoy an epic story told without a single word.

Such a beautiful and delicious cake! It’s no wonder that it was stolen by robo-thieves! But what would robots want with a cake? Join Frank the Friendly Furball on his quest to take the cake back from the robots. He’ll jump, inflate, and bend gravity – all to satisfy his sweet tooth.

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