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Genius lays in simplicity

Released in 2016 by a Swedish studio Landfall, Stick Fight was designed to be a funny, uncomplicated, arcade fighting game, perfect for a party with friends or a short break from work. A fully multiplayer title, where the accent is put on realistic physics and dynamics. Choose one of the lovely, colorful stickmen and go head to head with a random player or players or collect your friends and challenge them, either playing locally or online. Regardless which option you would choose, be ready for some massive fighting and a cool test for your reflex and wit.

Invite your friends

Playing solo against random players can be a good idea for a stress-relieving break from work or a nice training arena, however a fierce rivalry against your friends shall be much more exciting. See how fun it can be to battle your best friend or ally with him and try to pummel other opponents. Relive the whole spectrum of emotions, from laugh to anger, have fun while commenting it with your friends. The game can be played from one, up to 4 people, providing countless gameplay strategies and scenarios. A tremendous blast for the whole party guaranteed!

Use your wit

Stick Fight features almost a hundred of variously designed maps, from a forest, through factory terrains, ending on boiling hot lava. Each background is dynamically constructed, offering dozens of possibilities how you can (or should) use its features to combat your opponents. Scale the heights of your skillfulness and craft, and explore how various scenography elements can help you distance your competitor. Dont miss any of the randomly occurring special weapons, falling down from the sky from time to time. Bazooka, Uzi, swords, knives and lasers can cause real havoc. Beware, however, as sometimes the map itself can be your adversary, setting unpredictable traps or getting destructed. The rule is simple if you survive, you win!

A nostalgic return to the golden era of 2D games

Stick Fight gameplay refers to the best 2D fighters. If you remember i.e. the legendary Worms series, you will catch up quickly the convention. Be ready for some better dynamics though, as all the players here act simultaneously, which creates a constant massive rumble. The steering is extremely simple, basing on keyboard arrows and mouse. The graphics may not be meant to delight with its breathtaking details, but instead provide well-designed, funny animations. Those who played Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will be familiar with the engine.

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