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Release date:Oct 2, 2020
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Developer:Motive Studios

Buy Cheap STAR WARS Squadrons (Xbox) at Difmark!

STAR WARS Squadrons (Xbox) is an arcade action game with a first-person view dedicated to battles in space between the Resistance and Empire pilots. Players will get the role of two pilots being on opposite sides of the barricades. Fasten your belts and feel the adrenaline rush from multiplayer space battles with your squadron. The history of two parties of the conflict, the Galactic Empire and the New Republic, awaits the players in a single-player campaign. The multiplayer player has several modes. Players are waiting for ‘Air Battles’ where players fight in 5x5 mode. There is also ‘Battle of the Flotilla’ where players must perform certain tasks to win a large-scale space battle.

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