Spec Ops The Line (PC)

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Release date:28 Jun 2012
Publisher:2K Games
Developer:Yager Development

Spec Ops: The line (PC) takes you on a trip to Dubai, following the steps of Captain Martin Walker and his two teammates. Sent to find a lost regiment after a sandstorm ravaged the once lustrous city, Walker and his men will face adversities they were never prepared to confront.Spec Ops: The Line takes story hints from Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and it's most famous movie counterpart "Apocalypse Now".

Shooter unlike any other

Spec Ops: The Line takes an approach that runs contrary to most shooters modern or otherwise. It doesn't revel in the carnage, but forces the players to look at things from a different perspective and face the severity of wanton destruction usually expected of such games. Many times the game will force you to make choices, but neither of them will be about what is right or wrong. They are all wrong, the question is, which kind of wrong Walker, and by extension the player, is able to deal with.

Impressive visuals

Spec Ops: The Line carries its distinct look in more than just raw graphics. While impressive, they serve to highlight the detail and design choices made by the developer. Travel through lush apartments right after fighting among the dunes, see dirty camps set up in once splendid halls of the best location of Dubai. The game's image of the sunburned city is a though-provoking and disturbing picture of survivors trying to live on after a catastrophe.

Intense gameplay

Spec Ops: The Line uses the environment to improve the challenges posed to the player, and an occasional sandstorm may well stop dead any plan. Many locations are covered in sand, often held at bay only by a fragile window. Shoot it and drown your enemies in tons of sand, ending the fights as abruptly as they started. Stick to cover made of abandoned cars, old crates and other remnants of the city life and survive the attacks from local forces. Make life-and-death decisions without breaking away from pure gameplay.

Inspired by the classics of literature and film

Spec Ops: The Line is a video game adaptation of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" with a militaristic bent borrowed from Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now". Sent to a hostile land in order to find and retrieve a lost unit, Captain Walker's Delta Force squad will face events and decisions defining their very humanity. Like few other shooters Spec Ops: The Line draws a sharp line between a protagonist and a hero.

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