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Release date:Jan 17, 2018
Publisher:Big Kitty Games
Developer:Big Kitty Games

WARNING! Do not buy into early access if you are not interested in potentially game breaking bugs and maybe running out of things to do. Early access means quite literally that the game is not finished!



Solace Crafting is a heavy survival game focused on crafting and building. It is an RPG that let users build towns in distant universe and various dimensions. The game is an open-class with an infinite world where users are free to move however they want and create whatever they desire.

Solar Crafting game is a role-playing game offering users open-class, open-recipe system where they can craft, harvest, build in an infinite universe of different dimensions. You must make clothes for yourself, find food and build shelter in first place in order to survive. Then the rest is up to you: you can get as furthest as you wish as there are no limits on level systems, you can create staff, weapons and other as you are in full control over recipe settings. You can build towns, have adventures and get deeper into the exotic planets. You can be a starting point of another evolution among all creations. On top of that, you fight with evil that is poisoning this distant universe.



After you manage to survive in this world’s harsh condition, you can start building it from scratch. You can create crafting facilities and make processing of resources to design your very own armor, weapons and other stuff. Once you reach higher levels of your profession, your recipes level up and you unlock new one ones with different abilities of crafting. 

The crafting system in Solar Crafting is very much unique as the player can customized and create his sets. At your disposal are five rarities for each recipe and unlimited levels, tiers. You can also develop and improve your character with open-class system of skills. Healing, magic, melee, ranged skills can be mixed and leveled-up however you want. You can customize your set enchants by tier, level, rarity.

Building and Harvesting


Harvesting is also subject to customization. You can upgrade tools and unlock different abilities. If you wish you can built the whole towns, however it is not obligatory – you can build only these facilities that you need to survive. By using your keyboard, you can precisely place new building. You can create teleports connecting your bases spread along distant spaces. There is no random destruction, decay or fussy psychics.



When you move further from the starting point, you will be able to craft your solaces thanks to which you can instantly travel between various solaces placed in this universe. You can choose places that looks interesting to you and go further and deeper. However, bear in mind, that things gets even more difficult and its harder to survive, the further you go. You also have to defend your solaces from raids of attackers that will try to stop you from completing the task.

Players and Worlds


Level up and improve your character however you want to. You have flexible, various player classes to choose from, as well as elastic branches that comes out of four archetype skill trees. Your main class will become the one you invest the most points in. by putting points, you unlock new bonuses and skills. At this point the only world of the game is Khora, though other universes are in plans.

Solace Crafting Info


The game is RPG, open-system and open-recipe one. It has unique and rich visuals. There is no metered progression, pay-to-win, pay-to-play or paid DLC options. The user can level its professions, skills in free manner. There are no caps arbitrary given, no limit on points or skills tree. The Solace Crafting features offers unlimited levels and skills of players in classic roles differentiated by difficulty. The world of the game has no boundaries. The game was produced by Big Kitty Games and released on 16th January 2018.

Early Access


This game is available as early access which means it is not yet fully developed. You may encounter some potential bugs. Some features are not yet finished and ready to use.

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