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Mythological battlefield

Prepare yourself for long hours of dynamic, multiplayer battles on large, unearthly arenas and beautifully finished maps. Travel through bushy jungles with dangerous monsters and don’t get yourself killed. Struggle with bosses like phoenixes and guardians and sink into unique flavor of this magical world. Use your tactical skills to overpower your opponents and feel the mythical power of tremendous gods. To become a winner, reach the enemy base and destroy the command center. Be careful because you will duel with gods and heroes from different mythologies and they can be truly violent, casting intense, magical spells and attacks. Become muscled Hercules or Zeus that flings lightning at his enemies. Winning duels unlocks access to special, golden, legendary skins which look marvelous. Feel the unstoppable joy of this highly anticipated game and witness the most epic fights that you’ve ever had.

Variety of heroes with unique powers

SMITE brings all the old Pantheon’s into one game. It includes Egyptian, Norse, Hindu, Mayan, Roman and Greek gods and gives them the chance to clash in a mobile style game.It features various characters with different powers and special abilities. Develop your character up to your preferences, gain experience and exchange it for new powers and armor. Each god looks and sounds great as the game performs professional voice acting. Your task is to reach your enemy’s base and kill the huge minotaur guardian. Buy Ultimate God Pack to unlock all god and future god characters. Get surprised by huge variety of over 43 available gods and their imposingly detailed models.

Revolutionary control system

An attribute which distinguishes SMITE among other MOBA games is ingenious control system. Feel more natural while using w s a d keys and enjoy more sophisticated combat system than in other MOBAs. See the map from comfortable point of view. Control your hero from 3rd person perspective via keyboard or gamepad as it is in arcade games and be always directly inside the action! Another valuable feature of SMITE is precession of attacks. You have to be very accurate during battles or you just miss your target.

Feel the power of UNREAL engine 3

The breathtaking performance of UNREAL engine 3.0 provides stunning graphics and special effects. Admire richness of details and refined gameplay design. Sink a lot of your time into the game and feel free to explore the beautiful, wonderfully addicting, open world. Cinematic cut-scenes guarantee a lot of fun and will satisfy every demanding player.

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