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Release date:Jun 24, 2021
Publisher:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Developer:BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

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Buy SCARLET NEXUS (PC): Find Yourself in the Future of Brain Punk. You can find here some information on Scarlet Nexus (Xbox X). Explore and defend the vastness of the future Japan where the classical anime and Western science fiction are combined.

What SCARLET NEXUS (PC) is about?

SCARLET NEXUS (PC) is an action-RPG the events of which take place in the future. You will become a member of the organization which fights with terrible monsters from outer space. Use your psychokinetic abilities against your enemies, perform certain quests, and save mankind from destruction.

Changes concerning your character

It turns out that this action-RPG will have a full-fledged second game character, a girl named Kasane Randall. In this case, the choice between the two protagonists will be offered at the beginning of the game. Some unique features of the storyline will depend on this choice.

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