Pathfinder Kingmaker (PC)

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Release date:25 Sep 2018
Publisher:Deep Silver
Developer:Owlcat Games

Pathfinder: Kingmaker video game

Enjoy well-known characters and locations of the series. Face brand new adventures, deadly enemies, unexpected events and discover the epic and heroic universe. Pathfinder: Kingmaker will challenge players as adventurers and as rulers to claim explored territories and build their own kingdom.

Encounter brilliantly designed 3D animations of characters, environments, and enemies. The construction of your kingdom will go beyond simple fortifications to become the reflection of a truly heroic character with the choices you make throughout the game. Each kingdom will reflect your alignments, allies, and your ability to lead people.

Set in a fantasy world Pathfinder: Kingmaker was created by the debuting studio of Owlcat Games.

The Explorer Edition is the basic version that brings you the complete game in a digital version.

Storyline and gameplay

Begin your journey into the classic fantasy world. Lead a group of brave soldiers while crossing Stolen Lands. Learn the unique and fascinating stories of individual team members. Build a kingdom and protect it from enemies and numerous dangerous creatures inhabiting the wilderness.

Use of the mysterious book of spells to win battles. Spells are not only able to damage enemies or impose negative effects on them, but also provide treatment for weakened companions. Although the lovers of the original Pathfinder experience will find themselves among well-known locations and characters, the story is conducted in such a way as to appeal to the new players as well.

Amazing graphics experience

Pathfinder: Kingmaker presents the action from an isometric point of view. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure. Explore a vast land, take important quests and side missions, and fight with opponents encountered along the way. During dangerous battles use classical weapons and an arsenal of offensive and defensive spells.

Progress throughout the main plot and gain new skills that increase the combat potential of your characters. An important element of the game is the management of the kingdom. This process is not so simple, because it focuses not only on the construction of fortresses, cities, and settlements, but also making various decisions reflecting the character of our hero - you can rule fairly or act as a ruthless tyrant.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has an eye-catching graphic design, full of rich colors. Marvel at well-designed locations, and enjoy sophisticated light effects accompanying the casting of powerful spells.

Questions and answers about Pathfinder Kingmaker game

Q: Is Pathfinder Kingmaker a turn-based RPG game?

A: Pathfinder: Kingmaker features real-time combat system with pauses. There is only an auto-pause option.

Q: Will Pathfinder Kingmaker be the multiplayer game?

A: Pathfinder: Kingmaker exists only as a single-player game. There are no plans for developing a multiplayer mode.

Q: Which languages the game supports?

A: Pathfinder: Kingmaker will support English, French, Russian and German. Developers consider other languages depending on gamers preferences.

Q: Which classes and races will be available?

A: There are 7 main races (dwarves, humans halflings, gnomes, elves, half-elves and half-orcs) and one additional class - the Magus. It is possible that there will be more classes and races at the future.P

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