Miscreated (PC)

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Release date:30 Oct 2014
Publisher:Entrada Interactive LLC
Developer:Entrada Interactive LLC

Explore the post-apocalyptic world

Its the year 2089 and the Earth is getting more and more desolate each day after two nuclear wars. Who is to be blamed? Theres no time for that, as you should quickly take your bearings and face the surrounding situation. Wandering through the post-apocalyptic smoldering ruins, you will come across organized criminal groups as well as hordes of blood-thirsty zombies and mutants, who will never miss a chance to attack you. Watch out, as they can be literally everywhere. Dont forget also about other players, as Miscreated features a MMO gameplay.

Multiplayer to the full

Thanks to its multiplayer-oriented gameplay, the game offers countless ways of playing. Other gamers may become your best friends or worst enemies. Cooperate with them to stand together against various challenges, but have in mind that situation may change one day. Open PvP system allows the player to get into the games spirit, encouraging sometimes to freeload other players, backstabbing them afterwards. Deaths and resurrections are of daily occurrence here. If you see a dying person, you can bring them around or polish them off, sacking his equipment. When someone kills you, you can swear to take vengeance on him and vice versa. Assign a prize for the head of a tormentor or traitor. Remember only that like in real life here today, gone tomorrow.

Discover inimitable realism

You will quickly find out that Miscreateds gameplay focuses heavily on realism, forcing you not only to explore the map and kill enemies, but also to control the condition of your player. Remember to keep your hunger and water levels at right level if you want your protagonist to be fully efficient. Avoid overmuch irradiation, dress your wounds, unless you want to become a tidbit for other creatures. Discover also the realistic setting with its live integration with the time-zone of your server. This awesome feature will have a considerable impact on your gameplay, while you will traverse the 64km square wasteland. Sneak around during the day and hide during the night. Take into consideration also the weather conditions, as an innocent drizzle may turn into a heavy rain or fog, significantly complicating your actions. Wind may also alter your bullets trajectory, just as gravity and air resistance.

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