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Buy Mafia Definitive Edition (Xbox) on Difmark and get a discount. Continue the story of your favorite game or become a mafia player for the first time.

Release date:Aug 28, 2020

Buy Cheap Mafia Definitive Edition (Xbox) at Difmark!

Mafia Definitive Edition (Xbox) is the famous action game in the new Definitive Edition for gaming consoles. It is a redesigned version from scratch where you are back in the mafia ranks in the prohibition era of organized crime. Experience the life of a gangster and rise to the ranks of the mafia. New graphics, sound, lighting, and more are waiting for users. The developers also added new videos and dialogues but managed to keep the original story. The reconstructed urban landscape of the 1930-s filled with architecture, culture and cars of the interwar period, creates a real gangster atmosphere.

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